Getting Started
If you want to jump right in without reading the rules, then this is the place to start.

The game of Rozz™ is a bit different from other strategy games, so it helps to get a basic walkthrough.
Create a Game
Under the create menu, there are a variety of scenarios to choose from.

Click the picture for the "Solo Training Hex" scenario.

The standard time control is one day per round, but you could also play in real-time if other players are online.

You're the only player in this practice scenario, so the time control setting doesn't matter.

Just click the "Create New Game" button to continue.

Make a Purchase
After the board loads, the R4 hex (with your headquarters) is highlighted to show that it's your starting point.

Right now, you can only purchase something at R4.

Drag an Armored Division (i.e. Tank) from the item panel at the bottom to the R4 hex.

Note that your purchase doesn't show up on the board right away.

First, you need to click the gold star above the board to "prepare" the command.

It will then show "P: GREEN/ARMOR -> R4" under your name in the game info panel.

Note: the star beside the command would blink red if something were wrong with your command (such as trying to purchase to the wrong hex). You can hold your mouse over a blinking star for more detail on the error.

In most scenarios, you have more than one command option each round. You would prepare each one by clicking the gold star. In this practice scenario, you only have one command to worry about at a time.

When you're ready, click the green checkmark and the round will be played.

You should see your purchase at R4, and the history panel will show what happened in that round.

Move a Piece
Move your tank by dragging it from R4 to Rozz.

Click the gold star to prepare your command.

Then, click the green checkmark and the round will be played.

Note: you now occupy Rozz, so you could purchase things in that hex.

Strike a Target
There are stationary Armor Division targets in the R1 hex.

If you were to simply move your Armor to R1, it would be destroyed along with one of the opposing Armor.

Instead, fire on one of the targets by dragging from your tank with your RIGHT mouse button. Release the crosshair when it is directly over one of the Armor Division targets.

Click the gold star to prepare the command, and then click the green checkmark to play the round.

Repeat until all the Armor targets are destroyed.

(Or, if you prefer, purchase a short-range nuclear missle at Rozz, and then strike with that.)

Note that Armor Divisons can strike a single target in an adjacent hex. Infantry Divisions (Men) are good for occupying territory, but they have no strike capability.

Claim Victory
To win the game, you need to occupy the opposing headquarters with an Armor or Infantry Division.

Move on in, and victory is yours.

Zooming and Panning
You can zoom in by holding the CTRL key and clicking on the board.

Zoom back out by double-clicking, or by holding CTRL and right-clicking on the board.

You can also move the board around (panning) by dragging it.

Multiple Players
That's the basics of purchasing, moving, and striking.

Now, let's see how this all works in a game with other players.

Go to the create menu and choose the "Basic Training" scenario.

This is a two-player scenario, so set the "Sengin" checkbox to add a computer opponent.

You might want to set the "Practice" checkbox as well.

Click the "Create New Game" button.

Waiting for Other Players
In this example, we're starting in the R1 hex. You'll randomly start at either R1 or R4 in this scenario.

Click the hourglass button above the board, and it will start spinning for real-time play. The hourglass needs to be active for chatter and other game features to automatically refresh.

In the game info panel, note that you have two stars next to your name this time, so you can prepare two separate commands each round.

The computer player is pretty quick: you'll see that he's already prepared his commands and set his ready checkmark.

He's waiting on you. The round will not be played until all the players are ready.

Multiple Purchases
Purchase an Armored Division at your starting hex and click the gold star to prepare the command.

You should see the command under your name in the game info panel.

For a second command, we'll purchase two Infantry Divisions. Drag the first one to your starting hex, then hold SHIFT and click another Infantry Division to increase the quantity.

Note that the command will show "P: INF*2 -> R1" (or ... -> R4 if that's your starting hex).

Click the gold star to prepare the command, and then click the green checkmark to play the round.

In our example, the computer player purchased a single Armored Division, which is probably the best move in this scenario, since he'll be able to afford another tank on the next round (you're both getting $5 per round).

To come up with a good strategy, keep in mind that all players' commands are issued simultaneously, and that:

Purchases always take place before Moves, and Moves always take place before Strikes.

So, with two commands at his disposal, the computer player is now threatening to destroy our tank at R1. He can use one command to move his tank to Rozz, and the second command to strike on our tank from Rozz. His piece moves before it strikes, so it would be within range.

Note that he can prepare the commands in any order, and have the same result.

Counter Strategy
How can we counter the threat to our Armored Division at R1?

Let's predict that the computer player will, indeed, try moving to Rozz and striking our piece at R1.

We could take advantage of that attempt by moving our own Armored Division to R2 (or R6) and striking his tank in Rozz, which would leave us with a huge advantage (being the only one with Armor on the board).

We will move the Armor from R1 to R2, then click the gold star to prepare that command.

Now, just looking at the board, our tank is still in R1 and our opponent's in still in R4, so how do we construct the command to fire from R2 to Rozz?

Here's one easy method:

Drag with your right mouse button to strike with your tank from where it sits in R1, and target the opposing tank where it sits at R4. The command in the status bar above the board will read: S: ARMOR @ R1 -> RED/ARMOR @ R4

Change the intended starting hex by dragging the at-sign icon, @, (beneath the board under the item panel) to R2.

Change the target hex by dragging the arrow icon, ->, (beneath the board under the item panel) to Rozz.

Prepare the command, and then play the round.

In our example, the computer player had the same idea, moving to R3 and striking our Armor at Rozz.

Of course, if we had anticipated this, we could have fired on his Armor at R3, but how could we have known?

It's a game that can present a mind-boggling array of possibilities, especially with bigger boards, more players, and more items to choose from. The key is in knowing your opponents and being able to put yourself in their shoes as they weigh their options -- while looking to reduce those options, naturally!

Enjoy the game, and we'll see you on the battlefield!

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