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The latest news on Rozz and the PlayRozz website.
Persistent Storage Enabled10/11/05 8:37 AM
Persistent storage has now been enabled on the PlayRozz website, so that membership information, games, forums, and other data will be retained. Previously, the storage area had been refreshed frequently for testing purposes.

Since the PlayRozz website uses an experimental object warehouse rather than a traditional database, much of the site's initial testing has included failsafe testing of the underlying warehouse itself, involving frequent data-bay deletion and recovery. While user information was not being permanently saved, membership has been limited to Sengin development, quality-assurance, and user-experience personnel.

With the warehouse performing well, and the design of Rozz programming objects finalized, the website can now enter a public phase and look to attract visitors. The testing crew has had great fun playing Rozz online, even knowing that the games were not being saved, and everyone at Sengin is now looking forward to an expanded community on PlayRozz.
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