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[10/23/20 7:11 PM] RozzManager: WARBOT I is victorious in game 4909!
[10/23/20 7:11 AM] RozzManager: RICKLES is victorious in game 4912!
[10/21/20 12:09 PM] RozzManager: SIRKNIGHT is victorious in game 4907!
[10/19/20 2:55 PM] SIRKNIGHT: @Matt that was a pretty good game, well played
[10/19/20 2:53 PM] RozzManager: MATT is victorious in game 4904!
[10/18/20 7:33 PM] RozzManager: SIRKNIGHT is victorious in game 4902!
[10/18/20 9:04 AM] RozzManager: SIRKNIGHT is victorious in game 4901!
[10/17/20 10:04 PM] RozzManager: NAPOLEAN defeated in game 4903!
[10/17/20 1:04 PM] RozzManager: NAPOLEAN is victorious in game 4905!
[10/15/20 8:34 PM] MATT: No worries at all.
[10/15/20 8:05 PM] SIRKNIGHT: @Matt yes l could try again, but l have no computer and the ones at the library last time didnt seem like it wanted to work with me on trying to make a map
[10/15/20 7:46 PM] SIRKNIGHT: @Matt sorry havent taken my turn, been a busy week, helping a co worker and a birthday today. So its been neat
[10/15/20 12:00 PM] RozzManager: STEINITZ is victorious in game 4889!
[10/14/20 6:58 PM] MATT: You should create that scenario!
[10/14/20 3:06 PM] SIRKNIGHT: @Matt what do u think about the gov spawning one?
[10/13/20 11:52 AM] SIRKNIGHT: well that was fun lol
[10/13/20 11:45 AM] RozzManager: SIRKNIGHT is victorious in game 4891!
[10/12/20 2:56 PM] RozzManager: WARBOT I defeated in game 4891!
[10/12/20 12:11 PM] SIRKNIGHT: @Matt there is a practice jousting if u would like to give it a shot
[10/12/20 12:08 PM] SIRKNIGHT: welcome, to the game
[10/12/20 12:05 PM] RozzManager: @all Welcome new member FURYFOXX!
[10/11/20 8:07 PM] MATT: @SirKnight Ah, you got me fair and square.
[10/11/20 5:38 PM] SIRKNIGHT: @Matt cool got u lol wont count that as a victory against u. Not til l beat u one on one
[10/11/20 5:34 PM] RozzManager: MATT defeated in game 4891!
[10/11/20 4:50 PM] SIRKNIGHT: @Matt that would be interesting, but no. Maybe the gov can spawn a moble King/General and if it dies u lose that gov, territory, men or something
[10/11/20 12:47 PM] RozzManager: NAPOLEAN defeated in game 4889!
[10/11/20 12:47 PM] RozzManager: SLEDGE defeated in game 4889!
[10/10/20 3:12 PM] MATT: @SirKnight sort of a mobile gov?
[10/10/20 1:42 PM] SIRKNIGHT: @Matt yes, maybe have the king on a map like Classic Rozz. I was thinking maybe have a moble king spawn in the gov and if gets taken out then u lose the gov and maybe all your guys in that hex or some, and/or the opponent gov spawns there
[10/9/20 8:48 PM] MATT: You mean game 4899. Yes, he was trying to scramble but was running out of room.
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seated {} available {Axia, Braxx, Crull, Dracon, Eldoth, Fekk}
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