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Rozz Android 2.1.23 Released!11/11/13 6:03 AM
The new release of Rozz for Android accompanies many changes and improvements for both mobile and web-based play. The major effort has been the introduction of real-world maps. Free versions now ship with a "Middle East Minor" three-player scenario based in the Middle East. Paid versions include the same scenario as well as "Middle East Major," a twelve-player (!) variation on the same Middle-East board. Play Rozz, and wage your own War on Terror!

Other changes include improvements to the Ready Room and Online Room so are more functional on small screens, especially now with the potential for twelve starting points. Games now start with a note regarding the objective, such as occupying an opponent’s headquarters to win, so things will be clear when custom scenarios with alternate objectives start arriving in a later release.

Online Play connections have been reworked to provide smoother online play. Now, "Connect" will appear only when the app is unable to connect to the Rozz server, and "Play Online" provides better messages if unable to sign in. In order to screen serious players in free versions, Online Play is now disabled until the training scenarios are complete. For free players who have already been online, the requirement is waived.
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