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Rozz Android 2.1.24 Released!11/26/13 10:57 PM
The latest release of Rozz for Android introduces conquest-style scenarios, with Middle East Major Conquest and Middle East Minor Conquest. To win, you must defeat all of your opponents, but with each victory you gain the resources of the fallen foe.

Historically, conquest-style objectives were standard for Rozz, but the win-taking-any-hq objectives had the advantage that the game ended whenever any player was defeated, rather than sending them into the next room to watch TV. When we brought Rozz to the web (and subsequently to android) the focus was on the quick victories, although the engine was designed to be flexible.

The return of conquest objectives is a nod to those game-players who prefer the old-school style war game. Against computer players, it is especially fun because now the game will still be alive even when Monkeybot leaves his HQ undefended.
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