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Rozz Android 2.2.0 Released!12/10/13 7:55 AM
Rozz Android 2.2.0 provides a new World Conquest scenario for up to seven players in both the free and paid versions of the game. Most of the kinks have been worked out and we think you’ll enjoy the conquest maps.

There are still some outstanding things to fix, but we wanted to get the World Conquest scenario to you sooner rather than later. In particular, the end of round animations for conquest maps are sometimes inaccurate, although the final positions are mostly right. One subtle error is in conquest situations where one player has already defeated another, so he has two headquarters, then each of his headquarters is conquered by different players on the same subsequent round. The intended result, in such a case, is for the conqueror’s to gain the HQs, but for the doubly-conquered player’s units to revert to neutral pieces. Right now, all the units are being awarded to one of the two conquering players, which adds an unwanted random element to the game.
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