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Rozz Android 2.3.1 Released!1/27/14 10:33 AM
The latest release of Rozz for Android features a new menu system that is better looking and easier to read on small devices. In addition, it will be easier to expand as we add new features.

New buttons added to the main menu include "Save" and "Restore" which previously required a trip to the Ready Room. New buttons for the online menu include "Barracks" (a key improvement, since previously the Barracks could only be reached via an obscure globe-press at the top of the screen), "Watch" for watching games (which will be expanded in future releases), and a "Rank" placeholder for advancing in rank.

In other changes, by request the Ready button is now activated on single tap rather than long-press. A future release will overhaul the clumsy Options button.

An annoying bug where strikes could not be performed a second time from a moved piece (after deleting the first strike) has been fixed. Previously, players had to remove both the moving piece and the strike and reconstruct both commands.
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