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The latest news on Rozz and the PlayRozz website.
PlayRozz Added to Web Crawlers10/22/05 6:00 PM
With membership and games now persistent, we have added the PlayRozz site to Google, and note that it’s already showing up on Yahoo. As a result, a random trickle of guest members may find its way to the site. We’re still focusing on family and friends for now though, as we continue testing and debugging.

After things are rock-solid, and once we feel that the rules and interface are being explained in an easy-to-absorb manner, we’ll start marketing the PlayRozz site more actively. Those who are now testing, who already know how to play the game and use the interface, can attest to exciting social and gaming experience this site provides; the key to its success will be a new-user experience that quickly and painlessly imparts the rules and shows how to use the online game board.

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