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Rozz Android 2.4.2 Released!6/12/14 10:48 PM
Version 2.4.2 of Rozz Android sees some long-awaiting AI improvements, so the sengins now play more interesting games. They still have plenty of room for improvement, but this was a reasonable AI phase to push out. Other changes include game stats and an animation text size adjustment setting, both by request. Also ...

You can now swipe down to remove commands, which is less tedious than the press and hold. There were changes to some graphics: the red check mark is now an hourglass to emphasize that you’re waiting on other players; the X to close animation (and return to the game) is now a continue graphic, since that fits better with the user experience. The "Recent" games menu button is now "History" to avoid confusion with the "Watch" button which shows recent games in general. The Watch games list now has more useful graphics, showing binoculars for games you’re not involved in.

There were several minor bug fixes and enhancements, including adding a board refresh after clicking ready, and applying touch sensitivity (one of the settings) to the ready button.
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