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Warlock Downs Zief in World Championship!4/9/15 9:14 AM
Game 2268 ( started with a classic contest between funding and aggression, with Warlock going with industry versus Zief’s transport. Zief was at Warlock’s doorstep by round three, but could he hold it?

With some transport razzle-dazzle, Zief held his position and seemed to have the advantage by round six when he dropped an incoming armored division. Warlock’s industry was still standing, but there was no way to stop a SRNUKE strike on the next turn.

The tide turned in round seven. Apparently Zief thought he couldn’t afford a tank trap, and Warlock moved in with ARMOR, taking out the infantry and acquiring the nuke before it could strike. Having ousted the invaders and held on to his industry, Warlock now held an overwhelming advantage.

Zief turned to air warfare to slow Warlock’s retaliation while he attempted to raise his own industry, but Warlock maintained better financing through these maneuverings and was striking Axia by round 19. Zief held on valiantly for another four rounds, but with $9 left he couldn’t hold off three invading armored divisions.

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