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Warlock defeats Bugeye in World Championship!5/3/15 3:10 PM
Game 2266 saw another battle between industry and quick expansion. By the fourth round, Bugeye was at Warlock’s doorstep with a Bomber and Infantry, with Warlock’s Armor, Jet, and SrNuke defending.

The fifth round was somewhat disastrous for Bugeye: instead of sacrificing the Bomber taking out the IC, she purchased Armor at the incoming nuke strike. Still hoping to preserve the Bomber, she went after Armor rather the IC, and by round seven an Air Defense System had removed that option, but the Bomber continued to harrass and annoy until it was finally downed in round 12.

By this point, Warlock held a $36 to $11 financial advantage, but Bugeye still held the high ground at Rozz.

The tide turned as Warlock pressed forward to Rozz, backed by an extra Command Center and vastly superior finances. Bugeye tried to slow the enemy advance with more air support, but in the end there was no way to stop three incoming Armored Divisions.
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