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Bugeye Brings Down Zief in World Championship!6/11/15 8:48 PM
Zief doubled down on industry with two IC in Axia by round four, the same round seeing Bugeye occupy Rozz with a transport.

There was a subsequent invasion at Zief’s doorstep and a few rounds struggling for a foothold, but a missile strike from Rozz in round eight demolished Axia.

It seems likely that Zief overlooked the missile, his attention focused too much at his home tiles, since he had $60 and could readily afford a Patriot. Perhaps it was a dangerous gamble. In either case, the result left Bugeye with an aggressive position and superior economic strength, despite Zief’s momentary advantage in the bank. Would that be enough to oust the invaders and still have time to rebuild?

Zief chose to use the resources he had for two new armored divisions and a short-ranged nuke: another gamble, since he hadn’t the command strength to make use of (or defend) three heavy resources, but he had to try and complicate matters.

With a few good anticipations, Zief reclaimed his homeland, but down to $5 how long could he hold it? Bugeye continued to press her advantages, raining down nukes and sending in bombers. Her second invasion force was unstoppable and the game was over at round 25.

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