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Matt wins marathon game against Zief to claim World Championship!6/27/15 7:19 PM
The final game (#2272) of the first Rozz World Championship was decided in the 65th round, when Matt’s armored divisions finally moved into Zief’s headquarters at Axia. It was a remarkable recovery as Zief had the upper hand throughout most of the game.

Matt’s initial choice of quick attack rather than industry was ill-fated, as Zief was able to repulse the invaders and secure his home tile. In one round after another, he anticipated Matt’s commands, outmaneuvering and eventually controlling two-thirds of the map.

Perhaps Zief spent too much time fortifying his territory rather than striking while his opponent was on the rout. For his part, Matt sought to keep the enemy from his doorstep by pestering Zief’s back-line position with bombers and missiles. One slip by Zief in the 50th round, overlooking a missile, turned the course of the battle. Although it could still go either way, the momentum now shifted.

Matt pressed on, now anticipating Zief’s moves, until the tanks were unstoppable. Zief’s last-ditch effort, in a show of humor, was a command to move his HQ from Axia to A2.

Congratulations to Matt on winning the first Rozz World Championship!
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