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Rozz Android 2.5.6 Released!1/31/16 10:47 AM
The latest version of Rozz provides a variety of enhancements and bug fixes. By request, game creators can now change other players’ teams, and can also boot players (long-press) prior to game start. Also by request, a long-press ready setting is now available under settings, since single-tap can sometimes result in a set ready unintentionally. Messages from players chatting in the barracks now show in games or ready rooms for anyone currently online.

With the idea of enhancing communication, especially for new members, players can now send a message to the barracks without even leaving their game, but prefixing the message with /BARRACKS/ or simply /B/. Other prefixes that used to work on the website have been restored: /ROZZMANAGER/ or /./ or /R/ send a message directly to RozzManager with a link to the game, if anything happens that could use admin attention; // or /name/ (where name is your own name) creates an annotation only visible to yourself until the game is over; /TEAM/ or /*/ or /T/ sends a correspondence to your team, if you are on one, and costs a CORR.

The welcome message to new members now mentions practice games and members who are ready to introduce the game and show the ropes. Messages will also appear to Cadets or Civilians when a new game starts.

By request tournament games are now auto force-round after the deadline. If no players are set Ready when the round is forced, the game is canceled.

Bug fixes include session timeouts (members were showing online when they were already gone), chat visibility issues, message height cropping in dialogs when, e.g., the game list scrolls, the purchase bar handle is hidden now when Ready, and some other minor fixes.
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