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Rozz Android 2.6.0 Released!3/17/17 11:44 PM
This major release brings some long-awaited functionality that opens up an exciting new phase for Rozz. Previously, only the scenarios that were pre-built and canned into each release were available to play, and new additions (such as the real-world maps, or terrain games) required a new release of Rozz for Android. Now, custom scenarios can be downloaded to the app when they are available and played both online and offline.

The online menu now features a "PX" button for opening the PlayRozz Exchange, where game tokens can be used (finally, something to do with them!) to download scenarios, or to buy medals that can be awarded to other players. Scenarios come in two categories: official PlayRozz scenarios, and member scenarios.

Right now, the only tools for building scenarios are a bit cumbersome and available to full members on the website. Members can create boards, catalogs, and scenarios. We will be posting some videos to explain how these tools are used.

Now, when you click on a member name from the barracks, a profile dialog will pop up for that member (rather than the current game) where you can view their awards (besides medals, we now award trophies for winning tournaments) and optionally award your own medals.

This scenario-download functionality was an essential step toward offline campaigns (with missions to solve) that we will work into a future release.

The help files are not fully up to date with the latest changes, but we will be updating them soon,
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