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Rozz Android 2.6.2 Released!4/20/17 7:48 PM
The latest version of Rozz consolidates chatter into the history button so you can see what round chatter takes place. It also includes engine enhancements to support extra custom scenarios like Regicide, and to disable contested neutral items for custom scenarios like Regicide. We will make the Regicide scenario available from the PX once this version has had time to make it to people’s devices, since it’s a scenario that won’t work properly on older versions.

This release also fixes the font size in dialog notes, and fixes a game parsing issue that would stand in the way of a future enhancement of single-player campaigns with missions to solve. Right now, scenarios have starting productions (e.g., your HQ) that produce pieces at your starting point, but missions in a campaign may want starting pieces scattered across the board.

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