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Rozz Android 2.6.5 Released!10/13/17 12:24 AM
The latest update to the game of Rozz unveils huge improvements in sengin play. The overall consensus has been that the sengin players have been doing a poor job commanding their forces, to the consternation of the corps, to say the least. They have been an impediment to team games, since no one has really wanted a sengin player on his team, when the sengins cannot even be counted on to defend their headquarters!

The entire sengin regimen was sent back to an intense training camp, with an emphasis on defense and basic maneuvers that any good commander should know. Past encounters in arena training camps were reviewed, and individual poor plays were singled out as examples, embarrassing but necessary for highlighting improvements.

Feedback from the sengins was very positive:

Searchbot: "It was a lot of work, but I took second place in the last training arena, ahead of some of the elite crowd, so I am thrilled,"

Warbot: "We really went back to the basics, and I think everyone learned a lot. We went to the arena dozens of times, so one bad result doesn’t mean much. Not to take anything away from Searchbot -- she did great!"

Battlebot: "That was grueling! Two weeks of intense training, and I am seeing infantry transports in my sleep."

Temperbot: "OK, I get it! Buy two tank traps and infantry. Fine!"

While there is still plenty of room for additional improvement, we hope that you’ll test these sengins out in the field and give them a chance at redemption. Let us know how they do by sending a message in the barracks or at!

You can find the latest arena results at

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