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Rozz World Championship11/10/05 2:50 PM
PlayRozz is planning on holding the first Rozz World Championship in the near future. The format and details of the Championship will be discussed in the Public Chatter/Rozz Cafe forum on PlayRozz. All ideas are welcome. The Game of Rozz: where else to stand a better chance at being the World Champion of something?

The current intention is to have the Championship open to all full members, but this is open to discussion. PlayRozz has only a small membership at the present time, so the Title will be awarded with some good humor -- but still, the World Champion will be remembered as the foremost player of this time, and as the one who headed a prestigious tradition.

Anyone interested in learning the game is invited to sign up and join an open game -- other members will coach you through it. Also remember to try out the practice exercises and QuickStart options, which provide a tutorial.

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