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UPS Hits the Stealth Battlefield2/5/06 7:10 PM
By unpopular demand, the color PURPLE has been replaced by the color BROWN in applicable scenarios; the change will not affect games that are already created. ALSO, a new STEALTH BOMBERS scenario has been created using the three-way battlefield map.

In the Stealth Bombers scenario, a new Heavy Stealth Bomber (STEALTH) item has been added. A Stealth Bomber functions the same as a regular bomber except that;s NUCLEAR! Instead of targeting single pieces in the hex below, the STEALTH targets the entire hex, wiping out anything except for HQ and other STEALTH.

Without game market-testing, we just set the price for a STEALTH at $60. Certainly, with these monsters on the board, the value of Patriots, Jets, and ADS will increase -- but;re just leaving those prices as they are.;s see how things fly!
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