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Sanity Check Implemented2/7/06 10:29 AM
Prepared commands are now quick-checked for potential failure and will have a blinking yellow/red star in the game panel if they seem problematic. This quick-check is implemented by sending the moves through the game engine with all other players doing nothing, so there will be many instances where it blinks on your intended command (say, if;re anticipating a target that;t there yet) or;t blink on a command that will fail (such as when the target moves). Thanks to IronFire for the suggestion.

You can mouse-over the blinking star to see the expected failure message.;ve also fixed a couple of glitches with the Stealth Bombers in the new scenario. In games created before this fix, a;s own pieces were immune to his STEALTH nukes, and Patriots;t have a priority for striking STEALTH over regular Bombers.

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