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Changes to Standard Catalog!3/11/06 8:08 AM
After discussion of the standard catalog in the forums, and implementation of a new statistics feature (under options), the following changes have been implemented for any new games created: (1) Patriots no longer take out Bombers (or Stealth, in that specialty scenario); (2) Bomber price has been reduced to $20; (3) Command Center price has been reduced to $25; (4) SR Nute, MRNute, and LRNute prices have been reduced to $3, $6, and $9 respectively, and (5) Jet range has been increased to 3.

We suspect that these changes will see an increased use of Bombers, which is not only a fun element of the game, but also provides a better balance to Industry and Armor domination. The decreased price of Neutrons is intended as a further check against Patriots (considering that these are already somewhat reduced in capabilities) and Transports/Infantry. The reduced price of a Command Center should help reenforce these balances.

At this time, we are not going to implement any type of alternate-round industry distributions, or per-item production cycles as discussed in the forums. The intent is to keep things as simple as possible for now, and see how these latest changes play out.
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