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ADS Price Change2/28/13 12:10 AM
After some testing, we are going to try raising the price of Air Defense Systems from $35 to $45. The history behind this change is that air warfare, while very fun in situations where it occurs, is rare because bomber purchases are infrequent.

One philosophy behind the standard item catalog is that prices are fine-tuned based on the "market" evaluation of many games between experienced players, so the price of items infrequently purchased is lowered, and the price of over-purchased items raised. The underlying spirit behind this philosophy, however, is one of balanced game play, and that balance sometimes requires a more deliberate approach. An Air Defense System is not a frequently purchased item, so "market conditions" alone would suggest lowering the price.

The goal is to make Bombers more attractive as a purchase option, which in turn would bring Jets and ADS into the limelight. In the past, we have lowered the price of Bombers (to the current $18) and removed the Patriot Missile’s ability to target aircraft. The trouble that persists, though, is that an ADS is too easy a solution to Bomber raids.

We will be interested in hearing how the move to a $45 ADS affects game play, hopefully for the better.
2/28/13 7:39 AM
Although I agree with what is being said in the post, it seems that your idea of the market is just a schratch scewed. Although I think it would be prudent to have such a msrket to balance out the pricing and also the unit usage. Some things this encourages -alot more bomber use, jet use, and stealth usage, it promotes more tanks and infantry (to help defend) and it also promotes using government flags so not all ur units are destroyed in an hex. This also promotes usage of Industry units, to pay for the bomber, and the ADS, which in turn allows players to fight over strategic points on the map, aswell as defend.
2/28/13 10:55 AM
I see our "Statistics" page under options is down, as I was going to direct you there for some interesting comparisons. There’s some old discussion tucked away in the forums. I think an ADS at $45 is a nice juicy target for adjacent tanks.
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