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New HTML5 Canvas2/19/16 11:02 PM
We are introducing a new HTML5 canvas board for the website. Ever since Oracle broke the applet sandbox in java 1.7, leading to more security restrictions around applets, it has been a pain making moves on the website. To run the applet, a player has needed to change security settings for playrozz, and then still click past a couple of ugly security prompts. The only alternative has been the HTML board, which requires a player to know how to construct manual commands. Now there’s a new option, the canvas!

For this pass, we focused on porting the essential elements from the applet for creating commands and zooming and panning the map. We will continue to make incremental updates to it, and will no longer enhance the applet. For those who have never used the applet, the commands are a bit more cumbersome than for Android. You can try them here:
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